Sunday, May 31, 2009

Welcome to My New Reality

It's Sunday evening in DC and I'm watching Keane in concert. It's been a lovely weekend, beautiful weather but I didn't partake. No I wasn't being lazy, although that would have been a great 1st guess. Nope, I woke up with the weirdest thing - both of my eyes are swollen and bruised as if I just went 1 round with Mike Tyson (yeah I said 1 round - do you really think you could go more than 1?). I have no idea how it happened and I'm praying it goes away by Monday, because wearing sunglasses in the office is just plain odd.

I mean think about it, how does one explain two bruised eyes? "Listen, man I really didn't see it coming... I went left as his fist went right, then right and left I ran into this door, turned and ran into the one next to it?" As you can see nothing sounds reasonable here...maybe I should just wait and see if the bruising goes away....nah, building a kick ass story is far more exciting.

BTW - I just read some of my older posts, I'm freaking hilarious! I need to get more readers, this is too much fun to keep to myself.