Monday, April 25, 2011

I'm Hoppin' Mad! Who's With Me?

Friends, this may be my shortest post ever. I've read the umpteenth article, blog, comment, FB post, twitter tweet, and pony express parcel that proclaims Barack Obama illegitmately assumed the office of President because - he is not a natural born citizen.  Most recently that he has failed to produce his original birth certificate, and the certificate of "live birth" he published for all to see is as Birther's are quick to say, "what's issued when a child is born outside the hospital and later brought in for documentation."  FIDDLE STICKS! Well H-E-Double Hockey Sticks! No, no, no, say this level of stupidity just ain't so!

So I'm asking all my friends who humor me and my madness by reading my posts here and on FB to do what I did just 5 minutes ago.  Pull out the "certificate" your parents passed down to you, or the one you received when you wrote your birth state for a copy, or even the one you forwarded to the Department of State when you applied for your first passport. Reply to my post with what's written on the top two lines.  Here I'll go first......"STATE OF MICHIGAN CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH"

 **OK so maybe this wasn't my shortest post.

So does this mean I was born in Kenya?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Congress Proves There is a Free Ride...For the Opportunist, Do you Qualify?

Take a seat my friends – this may be the only political post I make and for those that know me…I will call this a classic Christina rant.

So I’ve been thinking about this all day and have tried to develop a cohesive argument about what has me so frustrated.  My frustrations are not directed at the Republican or the Democratic Party; I’m laying the blame across party lines.  My concern is simple and probably to some of you quite trivial.  But I assure you, it is indicative of what I feel is the cavalier attitude of the “haves” in stark contrast to the “have nots.”

In February I read an article that claimed over 40 members of Congress, both Republican and Democrat are sleeping in their office.  Since then I’ve watched interviews and YouTube videos where interviewed Congressman respond matter-of-factly that yes, they do sleep in their office and they find nothing wrong with this practice because of the long hours they work, their legal residences are in another state, and their actions are fiscally responsible for their families.

Hmm, let me walk through this explanation – Congressmen work long hours so they should be exempt from paying for housing in the District, Virginia, or Maryland. We should be thankful that they are making the choice to sleep in their offices.  We should applaud them for not incurring debt associated with housing and living expenses.  I’m curious Congressman, are you willing to extend this justification to other occupations that work long, tiring hours for the benefit of Americans beyond your own. Say….to our servicemen and women?  Because you may not have realized, active duty men and women are technically on duty 24 hours, seven days a week when they’re deployed to combat zones serving their country.  Would you concede they are deserving of the same consideration as you?  Would you support these men and women being exempt from the housing expense they are required to incur each month?  Are you willing to allow them to forgo this mandatory expense at will, much like you do yourself? Or maybe not, I mean to follow my own logic, you technically do offer two more branches to your argument, and they obviously make the case as to why you are more worthy of a housing exception. 

As you say, you only work in the District of Columbia, your legal residence is somewhere else in the country.  You have families to support that did not follow you here – oh wait.  I’m sorry but I think I see another similarity – yes, yes, I do…And once again it is with our soldiers Congressman, might I remind you that our brave men and women are currently or previously have served their country while being deployed in Iraq, Afghanistan, and outposts in Africa.  They too claim residence somewhere other than where they currently work.  They too have families that did not follow them. And might I add they are all working at the direction of their Government and the option of “choice” is not one they are given.

But I digress, because you exalt one more justification for your actions.  You have made the choice to sleep in your office and not seek a legal part-time residence in the city in which your work. You do not contribute to the utilities that you use by cohabitating where you work and you do this all because you are being fiscally responsible for your family.  Well sirs, I believe here is where I’m choosing no longer to be polite.  I feel it is with great arrogance that you flaunt your fiscal responsibility by taking advantage of American citizens.  Who do you think pays for the building in which you’ve chosen to sleep? That would be the American people.  With our taxes the Hart building is maintained, with our taxes Rayburn has water and light, with our taxes you are comforted by the security of the Capitol police, and with our taxes you have access to a gym, in which you shower daily.  You Congressman have made a choice to “freeload,” to reside in a location without paying appropriate compensation because you feel the work you do makes you deserving.

 I contend all of this is smoke and mirrors for selfishness and opportunism.  I mean really, if we’re going to let you do it, every other employed American would be a fool not to take advantage of their employers too.  I’m sure there are hundreds, probably even thousands, of Americans who work long hours that would love to sleep in their offices and save the $20-30,000 a year they would have paid in housing.  I’m sure every family that lost their home or who is on the verge of losing their home would gladly pull up a couch, cot, or pallet in lieu of a car, shelter, or tent.  If only they could get away with it. If only they could tell their boss, "of course I’m sleeping here." But let me be clear.  I’m not advocating that we all pack a pillow on Monday and sleep on our office floors.  What I’m requesting is that everyone that reads this, ask themselves "is there someone, anyone, more deserving than these Congressmen, who make $175,000 a year, that should be allowed to forgo paying rent and receive free housing because of the work they do?" Or do you believe that these 40 Congressmen are so deserving that we should just leave them alone and ignore their arrogant actions, or because you feel this issue is just too small to matter?  Do you think you might offer a different answer if you were jobless, homeless, and unable to provide for your family? Do you think you'd find the actions of these Congressmen insignificant? Would you feel that these Congressmen could properly represent your interests?  Or do you find their cavalier attitude as repugnant and arrogant as I do?

Now that I've gotten this off my chest, I'm taking my soapbox and heading home.  Thanks for listening.