My Holy Land Pilgrimage - September 2013

In the fall of 2012, the Midle East Working Group at my church, St. Mark’s Episcopal on Capitol Hill, in Washington, DC, offered an opportunity for travel to the Holy Land in 2013. Twenty-eight travelers, including myself, responded.  In late September and early October 2013, we visited holy sites, met with people whose lives are integral to the land, engaged in thoughtful discussions, and participated in a contextual pilgrimage.

Our trip, led by MEJDI tours, included meetings with groups and individuals who were deeply invested in work for peace and justice. Below is a link to the blog I created for our group.  Before we departed I shared my vision for the blog with my fellow travelers and it would not be an understatement to say, I was met with lukewarm interest.  After we arrived and the first couple of posts went up things quickly began to change.  I believe my companions came to realize the value of the blog and the unique opportunity it presented.  The blog would serve as a window into our day to day experiences, where we could individually and collectively work through this very personal journey. In that neutral space they shared thoughts and feelings about the good, the bad, and the gut wrenchingly ugly parts of amazing journey.  In the end my fellow travelers noted how cathartic it was to end or start their day with a clean slate after putting their thoughts "out there' for the the world wide web to see.  And when a writer's post received comments, wahooo!  They were riding "cool points" for days. 

I hope you take a few moments to look at our blog, thumb through the pictures and experience through our eyes the historic and modern Holy Land.  The blog is still open for comments, tell us what you think.


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