Monday, November 30, 2009

commercials that make me laugh

Well guys, today's post will be short and sweet.  I'm going to try to link you to my new fav commercials...they make me laugh everytime...K Bye!

Gap Girls Holiday Commercial    Geico Pothole Commercial

Friday, November 20, 2009

I Swear I Don't Subscribe to a Victim Mentality

Dear Lord!!! You won't believe what happened to me tonight.  First let me say, the initial plan was to write a post about how totally disillusioned I was with the city of Austin, TX.  But I must ask your indulgence and that you allow me to SCREAM, YELL, WHINE, BITCH & MOAN about the parking authority here in Washington, DC.  Better yet, I'll let you be the judge...tell me what do you see?

Mollie and I parked here at 6:43pm tonight, so given the pictures I've shared - you tell me, would you expect to return to your car and find a $25 ticket under your windsheild wiper?  Now, before I prepare my novella on the injustices of the DC Parking Authority I want to make certain my absolutely horrific past experiences with parking meters isn't coloring my reaction to this ticket.  So take a minute and tell me what you think, share this with your friends and have them tell me what they think, have them share this with their friends and tell me what they think. Should I, in the words of the great Spike Lee, "Fight the Power!"

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Long time no hear eh?

Well it's been a while friends, so here's the latest. I've moved from Denver for my dream job in DC, left my dream job for an even dreamier job, only to find it's more of a paranormal experience than a fantasy. I've gained 15 pounds - yuck, gotten a god awful hair cut, double yuck, and can't seem to get my Nittany Lions to stop from sabotaging their season - yuck, yuck, yuckity, yuck.

But alas I've snuck in a handful of super duper fun experiences - can you say BERMUDA! Yessirreee I went to the beach, on a boat, for 5 days....loved it! It was a last minute thing and I'm happy I did's a pic to prove it. I also managed to take one of those once in a lifetime photos that I keep swearing I'm going to enter into some amateur photo contest. Check it out (it's the lighthouse, cool eh?)...

So here's the thing (that's me stealing a line from Kathy Griffin)...I know this blog has a very small readership, and I do my best to entertain, and share, but most of all entertain. So I know you'll totally get what I'm about to me if you agree that crap like this only happens in my world. It's Saturday morning and like most Saturday mornings, I'm doing my best to stay in the bed as long as humanly possible. And the phone rings, what the hell?? My phone doesn't ring, and as my TRUE friends know it surely doesn't ring before 10 am. So I throw my ass out of bed and lunge for my blackberry to hear, "This is a prepaid call from federal prison from XXX." WTF??? Federal prison? Are you shittin' me, federal prison, I don't know no one in no damn federal prison. So I quickly hang up and go back to bed...ring, ring. No really?? Are they calling me back? "This is a prepaid call from federal prison from XXX."

Needless to say I hung up and they didn't call back, but as I was heading back to bed I chuckled. Because (here's where you all nod your head in agreement), it seems that the first man to call me, here in DC, ends up being an inmate in federal prison AND a wrong number - CLASSIC!!!

Until the next horror story...take care my friends and share my shame, I'd love to increase my readership...oh ohhhhh I have an idea about my next topic, it's gonna be gooooood.