Sunday, May 5, 2013

She's going the distance!

It's Sunday May 5th, exactly one week after my greatest achievement this decade and I'm still on cloud nine.  Seriously, it's 7 days later and I'm still blabbing about my 2 hour trek to anyone who'll listen, friends and strangers alike.  I'm prattling on about the race organizers, chatty run/walkers (more walk than run I tell ya), the awesome cheer zones, and that nasty tasting electrolyte drink Nunn water, Nunn is right....thank goodness it was free.  For 7 days now, before I go to bed, I look in the mirror, take off my jewelry and remember, I did it.  I earned this.
2 hours 19 minutes and 34 seconds to the finish line on Pennsylvania Ave.  My feet didn't hurt, my clothes didn't rub, my side got a stitch, but I kept going.  I couldn't have been prouder.  It was 2 hours 19 minutes and 30 seconds of me pushing myself to a goal I knew I could do.  And for 4 of the most glorious seconds a second voice rang out above the crowd, "CHRISSSSS-TIIIII-NNNNAAAA!" Thanks LB, yours was the perfect shout out at just the right time.  Your scream and your awesomely homemade sign made my smile grow broader, my stride quicken, and my head tilt just a little bit higher.  So here I am 7 days later, packing my bag for work and packing my bag for the gym.  Inside my purple peplum I've got the usual stuff; tank top, bottoms, socks, but most importantly these...

Who runs DC?
I run DC!