Sunday, October 16, 2011

Neither an earthquake nor a hurricane, could stop this day....

Greetings friends! As many of you know I'm on vaca in Edisto, SC with my Mom and friends.  My friend Brandon has graciously agreed to author today's post. I'm totally jealous that I wasn't able to be everywhere at once today and join him in his adventure, but I'm sure what he's written will be just like being there....

Brandon's Observations from the MLK Memorial Dedication
October 16, 2011,
This was the rescheduled dedication from back in August when Hurricane Irene cancelled the original ceremony. My notes on the quotes may not be verbatim, but I got most of the ones that were compelling to me. Hope they do a little of the same for you.
I kept wondering - how has our country changed since the Mid-50’s when Dr. king began his public civil rights work, how have we changed since that day 43 years ago when we lost him. Did we lose our voice?  Have we listened, learned and moved forward, or rested too long. I think a lot of the notes from below show that the speakers (and the crowd on hand) still are working in great part due to his inspiration.

Today was a beautiful day – the sky was blue with the temperatures starting in the mid 50s and ending in the mid 60s. I took the Metro to Smithsonian and got to the Mall about 9:30, walking toward the memorial I was anticipating more people, but they kept filing in until 11. A very quiet procession down the sidewalks and paths. Unless you were a VIP, you had to keep walking about ¼ mile past the memorial and then onto the grass.
Saw a T-shirt on the way down “unemployed is the new black” uh ok.
At the gates, everyone received a Cap (white -probably saw them on TV) from Tommy Hilfiger, that other noted civil rights leader (OK he was actually co-chair of the memorial but it was a bit weird)
The crowds were kind of sectored off between fences and they limited the number of people in each area.
9:35 – Rev. Bernyce King- Martin’s daughter (one of the better speeches) – “his memorial was a long time coming, it took an act of Congress, we survived a hurricane, but we are here today...Today represents another milestone, a celebration not just for African Americans, but for all of America. We must remain vigilant, don’t sleep through the revolution”
9:45 – MLK III – (sounded a lot like a campaign speech, lots of references to income disparity, unemployment and concentration of wealth, lack of health care – a number of speakers echoed this theme, so you can bet these will be the messages through November 2012!)
“Justice for the unemployed, justice for the elders afraid of losing savings and health care... We lost our soul when these things happen. We lost my father but we need to fight, dream and strive like him."
10:00 Mary, Mary sang
10:15 Rep. John Lewis “just 48 years ago when he was here in DC, we couldn’t (litany of things). We are a better nation, yet too many people are still left behind."
10:22 – Ambassador Andrew Young – “King always had a complex about his height, he stood about 5’ 7” but here he is today, 20 feet tall looking down upon us. Bankers and Wall Street – “not using their minds, they are using their greedy behinds”
10:27 – Rev. Joseph Lowery – King’s close ally. “While we have come a long way, we have a long way to go. He echoed a lot of King’s compelling lines. Thank god for the past and the present but we look forward to the future."
11:00 – a really touching tribute by a 12 year old girl remembering the 4 girls killed in 1963 16th Street Baptist Church bombing in Birmingham.
11:05 – Diahann Carroll Rev. Al Sharpton and a leader from Alpha Phi Alpha
Carroll (it’s all about me – OK Diahann, a little too much focus on Diahann how high are your heels? How old are you? What was your show back in the 60’s? Listening to her we learned the answers to all those questions) “To talk about King is to talk about hope. He was a quiet man but he aroused in us a commitment to support his dream”

Sharpton (definitely fired up the crowd a great speaker, like King and Jesse Jackson) – “Let us not be confused. This is not a memorial to times past; this is a marker for our fight today. King is not just a leader, but a conduit for justice...Justice is not rolling back voting rights with voter ID laws, justice is not teaching kids in unfunded broken down schools, justice is not concentrating 40% of our wealth in 1% of the people. We are going to retire those that stand in our way...If we can’t rescue our children from our cradle to prison path where 1 in 3 black boys will end up in prison at some time…Our nation is materially rich, but spiritually poor...Dr. King is not coming back – he told us what we need to do, we need to listen and do it. "(Great stuff)
11:25 – a shot of the Obama family (and some of the King family?) show up on the jumbotron, crowd goes wild. Obama’s looking at the inscriptions and memorial. The crowd starts chanting Hope, Hope, Hope.
11:35 President Barack Obama makes his way up the steps, crowd chants 4 more years.
Interior Secretary Ken Salazar (Apparently the free Hilfiger hat didn’t look good on Ken, guys in suits should never wear ball caps) talked about how proud he was to authorize this, the 395th National park.
11:45 Aretha steps up says MLK often requested this song (private performances Aretha?) Precious Lord. After snapping at the sound guys like a true Diva (Do we have the track ready yet?!!!) she does a great rendition. Aretha at her best – doing gospel. She hit the high notes and sounded great!
11:54 – President Obama steps up (4 more years chants) “This is a day we celebrate Dr. King’s return to the National Mall. King would be the first to remind us this isn’t a memorial to a man; this is a monument to your collective achievement.
“Many thousands of unnamed and unsung performing small efforts and acts to help us realize our freedoms...Without Dr. King’s glorious words, we may not have had the courage to move forward. Laws may have changed, but hopes and dreams also flourished."
“Progress was not realized by words alone, the smacks of police batons and jail cells were also endured...50 years later, we have a ways to go. Conditions of our poorest neighborhoods look much like they do 50 years ago, underfunded schools, inadequate access to health care (catch a recurring theme here???)"
“Our work is not done, let us draw strength from earlier struggles – change depends on our persistence...Now more than ever we need to heed King’s words. Stand in the shoes of others, fight poverty, poor schools, even if we are not suffering the same as others...Peace without justice is no peace at all"

People started packing up with 10 minutes to go in Obama’s comments – I guess to beat the traffic, or  get home and catch the Skins?? I stuck around through Stevie Wonder singing a really uplifting Happy Birthday tune to MLK.
The crowd was being funneled through back to the Independence Avenue side. After checking with US Park rangers twice to make sure they weren’t going to arrest or ticket me, I jumped one of the temporary barriers and walked back down Ohio Avenue, past the FDR and Jefferson back home. Traffic was closed off, so it was a great walk by the Potomac.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Driving along with a song in my heart...

Today I drove from DC to Charleston, SC and I had a blast.  I rented a 2011 Ford Taurus and might I add this little darling is tricked out.  It has leather seats, chrome wheels, Sirius radio, sync technology and more importantly the driver's seat elevates so I can comfortably see over the steering wheel - excellent!

All that aside, let's get to the good stuff, shall we?  So as I said, I drove from DC to Charleston in what many might consider good time (7 hours). Of course while I would want to take all the credit, alas I can not, nope I my friends was part of a motor caravan of speed limit daredevils.  It was fantastic! We navigated traffic with a skill matched only by the best of the Indianapolis Speedway (slight exaggeration, but you get my point - we were going fast). Add to that North Carolina's love for 80's music and I was in driver's heaven...Depeche Mode never gets old...sing along darlings!

After a long couple of weeks full of health scares and gas leaks, I'm spending this weekend at the beach with my Mom and friends.  We're going to laugh, drink, eat, and drink some more. This is what I call rejuvenating and getting and ready for all the bright and shiny new opportunities that are destined to come my way.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ravens, Whiteouts, Ray Lewis...and friends of Fattie

Reviewing my files I find my posting intervals this past year were sporadic and try and try as I might to be more consistent, when I find my life to be boring I'm not hustling to the internet to share all the dull drab hum drum moments with y'all. Besides, let's face're reading my posts because they're funny, not because they are insightful treasites on war and peace and the new economy.  So have I lured you here to share another one of my unusually funny and self depricating tales? Nah, nope, nada, not really---well...maybe, hell I don't know..I mean I found it to be humorous. But then again I spend my life scanning for the funny in everything, don't you?

ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL??? That's what my friend Laura B and I yelled as we traveled from DC on I-95 N towards M&T Bank Stadium to watch the Ravens and Jets on Sunday Night Football last week. Saying I was giddy with excitment was an understatement, I was SO excited I could barely speak to think (yeah I know that doesn't sound right - that's the point - DUH!!). I, Christina White, self professed female football geek, ESPN fantasy league winning, trash talking, Tom Brady lovin', LaDanian Tomlison draftin, Rex Ryan teasing, goddamn snack eatin', girl who knows the game cuz It's ON! Had never seen a primetime televised football game with all of it pomp and circumstance. So with our tickets in hand Laura B and bounced down Raven's Walk towards the stadium entrance...turning my head left to right as if it were on a swivel I thought to myself, let the football carnival begin. Beer stands, 80's bands, potato chips, passing challenges, photo booths, and gals wearing clothing that would make a hooker blush.  Our smiles grew wider and sheer glee took over, I couldn't believe it we were going to watch a Primetime NFL game up close and personal. As we entered the stadium, complete with obligatory girl on girl pat down, purse check, we exited the tunnel and headed to our seats. Lower level end zone thank you very much Mike N, Laura looked to me and asked, "is there a player I would know on the Ravens?" Yep, you read that right boys and girls, my football loving, friend for life, Laura B had no shame in sharing that she had failed to do her pre-game research and she felt confident enough to loudly and proudly let it be known 4 minutes before kick-off. You go girl!

And what a game it was - the stadium was electric (that phrase is overused, but seriously folks, it totally applies to M&T), there was Raven's black and hot pink (in commeration of breast cancer awareness month) everywhere I looked.  Glancing to my left I noticed the smoke filled the tunnel and faster than a blink of the eye onto to the field ran the Ravens...but wait, no so player remained.  More smoke, more pink, and then like floor seats at Lollapalooza ...Nellie starts singing over the loudspeakers...."I feel like bustin loose and I feel like touchin you..." and with one incredibly long one legged slide out of the smoke comes.....RAY LEWIS (seriously Laura, "who would I know?")....[For my readers with delicate temperments I apologize but there is no other phrasing that quite captures what happened next ]..the crowd went APE SHIT WILD. And if a camera would have panned to Section 107, Row 38 seats 1 and 2 it would have caught Laura B and I going bananas right along with them....this was AMAZING. Shaking out butts and tapping our feet we sing along, "It's getting hot in here..." and for the next 4 hours Laura B and I participated in one of the most exciting of America's past times, drinking beers, eating chicken fingers, watching football, heckling the other team, and dancing in the stands. 

The Jets gave the Ravens a run for their money but in the end the Ravens...MOVED THOSE CHAINS...way too many times and won 34-17. Let me just say Fall Out Boy would be pleased with the Marching Ravens rendition of I Don't Care.


Friday, July 15, 2011

Oh Come on You Knew There Were More!!!

Wow, until I started this trip down memory lane I didn't realize how many great people I truly have in my life.  You all rock!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Christina Golightly...

Tonight my friends and I sat on a grassy lawn and watched Audrey Hepburn in the classic, Breakfast at Tiffany's.  We laughed, talked, and drank amazingly tastey champagne in "The Front." I smiled as I passed out to each of them bags of M&Ms midway through the movie and I loudly started yelling colors and tossing the corresponding candies into the street..."blue, yellow, red, green..." What are you doing? I answered, "I only like the brown ones cause there's less coloring."  With a twisted grin and puzzled look I realized she didn't get it.

So let me explain why I was acting so strangely.  Some of you may remember the final scene of the Wedding Planner where Matthew McConaughey finds Jennifer Lopez on the lawn of the Hollywood Bowl watching Breakfast of Tiffany's and sorting her M&Ms.  Tearfully she turns to him and says, "Someone told me to only eat the brown ones cuz there's less coloring in them."  Yup! I pulled a Rom Com double dip....

Thanks friends, I had a great evening and let me just say this...that black bean dip was AWESOME! Cowgirl Creamery picked some amazing cheeses for us, and damn Amir, that was a superb chocolate cake.  Oh and yes, we drained 6 bottles of champagne and half a bottle of white wine...I'm not saying this because I'm bragging about irresponsible behavior or even claiming we were lushes. I'm sharing this to entice our friends who couldn't make it to clear their calendars for next time...this girl knows how to throw a party.

My Life in Pictures (well actually only a couple of years)

Click here to view these pictures larger

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Posting on the Fly

Today's achievement was small but carried a big punch.  It's been almost three years since I've seen a live stadium concert, so what does this over achiever do?  Why she buys a $50 ticket to a TOTALLY FREE show, of course.  And might I add I bought one ticket, yeah I said it, one ticket.  I'm going so-lo.  I've watched the live concert blogs for months trying to find out when The Black Keys and TV on the Radio would be in the DC area and today I found out.  Both are performing at the Virgin Mobile Free Fest being held here in DC Sept. 10th.

Am I disappointed I ended up buying only one ticket? Meh ...maybe a little.  But those of you who know me, know that after about 15-20 minutes of my "woe is me" pity party, I will get over it and will be able to recite the names of everyone around me, the beer vendor, parking attendant, the roadies with the band, and you betcha I'll get an invitation to the backstage after party. 

Actually I'm pretty psyched that I had the audacity to decide to go alone - yeah I rock!

If you wanna rock with me they're giving out FREE tickets on Friday, July 15th.

And for you out-of-towners, I just might let you sleep on my couch.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Online Dating AKA The Land of Awkward Boys

    A few weeks ago I celebrated a weight loss milestone by purchasing a fun and flirty white mini-dress and placing my profile on an online dating website.  I know, I know, I witch and moan that online dating isn't for me, guys don't contact me, and I'm better off suffering in silence on a bar stool knee deep in mussels and house champagne at Bistro du Coin.  Well dammit - I'm over half way to my "Fabulous at Forty" goal and think I'm deserving of little lovin'....So there you are.

    And there it went...right in the proverbial crapper.  Walking home with my head hanging low and thinking to myself - what the hell??? I began counting off the Bad Date Indicators I encountered that evening.  I share with you my top three.  Do you agree? Did I leave anything out? Or should I just slit my wrists right now?  Because you know I pulled my name off that friggin' site

Top Three Indicators Your Date is So Bad You Should Just RUN...RUN....RUN....

1) he claims he's a member of an acoustic duo but insists it's a band.
2) he's 45+ but wears baggy cargo shorts and claims it's because he's lost weight
3) he refers to your jewelry in wizardry/Lord of the Rings terminology

Monday, April 25, 2011

I'm Hoppin' Mad! Who's With Me?

Friends, this may be my shortest post ever. I've read the umpteenth article, blog, comment, FB post, twitter tweet, and pony express parcel that proclaims Barack Obama illegitmately assumed the office of President because - he is not a natural born citizen.  Most recently that he has failed to produce his original birth certificate, and the certificate of "live birth" he published for all to see is as Birther's are quick to say, "what's issued when a child is born outside the hospital and later brought in for documentation."  FIDDLE STICKS! Well H-E-Double Hockey Sticks! No, no, no, say this level of stupidity just ain't so!

So I'm asking all my friends who humor me and my madness by reading my posts here and on FB to do what I did just 5 minutes ago.  Pull out the "certificate" your parents passed down to you, or the one you received when you wrote your birth state for a copy, or even the one you forwarded to the Department of State when you applied for your first passport. Reply to my post with what's written on the top two lines.  Here I'll go first......"STATE OF MICHIGAN CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH"

 **OK so maybe this wasn't my shortest post.

So does this mean I was born in Kenya?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Congress Proves There is a Free Ride...For the Opportunist, Do you Qualify?

Take a seat my friends – this may be the only political post I make and for those that know me…I will call this a classic Christina rant.

So I’ve been thinking about this all day and have tried to develop a cohesive argument about what has me so frustrated.  My frustrations are not directed at the Republican or the Democratic Party; I’m laying the blame across party lines.  My concern is simple and probably to some of you quite trivial.  But I assure you, it is indicative of what I feel is the cavalier attitude of the “haves” in stark contrast to the “have nots.”

In February I read an article that claimed over 40 members of Congress, both Republican and Democrat are sleeping in their office.  Since then I’ve watched interviews and YouTube videos where interviewed Congressman respond matter-of-factly that yes, they do sleep in their office and they find nothing wrong with this practice because of the long hours they work, their legal residences are in another state, and their actions are fiscally responsible for their families.

Hmm, let me walk through this explanation – Congressmen work long hours so they should be exempt from paying for housing in the District, Virginia, or Maryland. We should be thankful that they are making the choice to sleep in their offices.  We should applaud them for not incurring debt associated with housing and living expenses.  I’m curious Congressman, are you willing to extend this justification to other occupations that work long, tiring hours for the benefit of Americans beyond your own. Say….to our servicemen and women?  Because you may not have realized, active duty men and women are technically on duty 24 hours, seven days a week when they’re deployed to combat zones serving their country.  Would you concede they are deserving of the same consideration as you?  Would you support these men and women being exempt from the housing expense they are required to incur each month?  Are you willing to allow them to forgo this mandatory expense at will, much like you do yourself? Or maybe not, I mean to follow my own logic, you technically do offer two more branches to your argument, and they obviously make the case as to why you are more worthy of a housing exception. 

As you say, you only work in the District of Columbia, your legal residence is somewhere else in the country.  You have families to support that did not follow you here – oh wait.  I’m sorry but I think I see another similarity – yes, yes, I do…And once again it is with our soldiers Congressman, might I remind you that our brave men and women are currently or previously have served their country while being deployed in Iraq, Afghanistan, and outposts in Africa.  They too claim residence somewhere other than where they currently work.  They too have families that did not follow them. And might I add they are all working at the direction of their Government and the option of “choice” is not one they are given.

But I digress, because you exalt one more justification for your actions.  You have made the choice to sleep in your office and not seek a legal part-time residence in the city in which your work. You do not contribute to the utilities that you use by cohabitating where you work and you do this all because you are being fiscally responsible for your family.  Well sirs, I believe here is where I’m choosing no longer to be polite.  I feel it is with great arrogance that you flaunt your fiscal responsibility by taking advantage of American citizens.  Who do you think pays for the building in which you’ve chosen to sleep? That would be the American people.  With our taxes the Hart building is maintained, with our taxes Rayburn has water and light, with our taxes you are comforted by the security of the Capitol police, and with our taxes you have access to a gym, in which you shower daily.  You Congressman have made a choice to “freeload,” to reside in a location without paying appropriate compensation because you feel the work you do makes you deserving.

 I contend all of this is smoke and mirrors for selfishness and opportunism.  I mean really, if we’re going to let you do it, every other employed American would be a fool not to take advantage of their employers too.  I’m sure there are hundreds, probably even thousands, of Americans who work long hours that would love to sleep in their offices and save the $20-30,000 a year they would have paid in housing.  I’m sure every family that lost their home or who is on the verge of losing their home would gladly pull up a couch, cot, or pallet in lieu of a car, shelter, or tent.  If only they could get away with it. If only they could tell their boss, "of course I’m sleeping here." But let me be clear.  I’m not advocating that we all pack a pillow on Monday and sleep on our office floors.  What I’m requesting is that everyone that reads this, ask themselves "is there someone, anyone, more deserving than these Congressmen, who make $175,000 a year, that should be allowed to forgo paying rent and receive free housing because of the work they do?" Or do you believe that these 40 Congressmen are so deserving that we should just leave them alone and ignore their arrogant actions, or because you feel this issue is just too small to matter?  Do you think you might offer a different answer if you were jobless, homeless, and unable to provide for your family? Do you think you'd find the actions of these Congressmen insignificant? Would you feel that these Congressmen could properly represent your interests?  Or do you find their cavalier attitude as repugnant and arrogant as I do?

Now that I've gotten this off my chest, I'm taking my soapbox and heading home.  Thanks for listening.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cherry Blossom Love

No words this time, just pics. Enjoy my friends and keep the people of Japan in your thoughts and prayers.

Enjoying the Life I Live

I believe we all strive for an idealic life, to achieve those things that make us say, ah yes, it was for this I stayed home on Saturday nights, ate way too many peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and wore those black pants even after it was hard to technically call them black. Everyday since my fortieth birthday I lie in bed and in my most humble tone I say, "ok God today's the day, I'm ready."  Then I rise, full of hope and anticipation of the life I know I've yet to lead.  I know it because I dream it, at least once a week.  The specifics of my dream change from time to time but the core theme remains; me sitting/standing/laying with a smile from ear to ear because I know...I just know.

But until that day comes I'm determined to enjoy the life I live and last week I sure did. As many of you know I live in Southwest DC an exciting neighborhood benefiting from new investments, an influx of young residents, and the revival of waterfront entertainment venues.  My neighborhood is on the verge, but it's not quite there yet.  For starters, we're limited in our restaurant and neighborhood gathering places (that's code for bars).  So I often walk the mile and half over to Capitol Hill for dinner, drinks, and social interaction.  Last Wednesday I found the infamous Tune Inn ( featured on the Food Network's Diners, Drive- Ins, and Dives hosted by Guy Fieri. As I pulled up a stool at the super small but absolutely perfect bar I ordered the deep fried hamburger.  Yeah, I said it, I ordered a beer battered deep fried hamburger and lets just say that thing was TASTEY!!! I ran 4 miles the following day to assuage my guilt.  I mean take a look at this thing - how could it not be good?

By Saturday I was at it again, roaming the streets of DC, searching ...what was I looking for?  Was I trying to add another restaurant to my favorites list, maybe a bar where I'd feel comfortable sitting alone and chatting with the other patrons...or maybe, just maybe it's a bit of rythm that I was looking for.  And man did I find it, in Woodley Park.  The Zoo Bar ( is located across the street from the National Zoo my favorite panda place on earth.  I walked through the front and instantly felt comfortable.  The Zoo Bar had just the right amount of patrons, a tiny stage up front, and was loud enough to make you tap your feet and do your best chair dancing.  I arrived late enough to see the tiny aisle between the bar and tables turn into a dance floor. Saturday I was treated to the blues.  Flat Foot Sam & the Educated Fools, played for two rockin sets and when I said treat I mean it....check them out The Zoo Bar is the true DC blues experience featuring a great house band with guest harmonica and vocals. I wasn't lying Sue Gail when I said I'd come back - you bet your sweet bippie I will, I most definitely will.

I don't know was that me living my authentic life or just the space until it comes?  Meh, I don't know...but I think if I keep down this path that smile won't just be in my dreams.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

That was wayyyy to difficult

So I thought it was about time I updated the background on this blog.  Don't get me wrong, I love the old photo of me, my Mom, and her good friend Barbara in the White House Press Room.  It was an honor and a privilege to be there.  But my dear readers that was years ago - and while my features are similar, I have grown older.  Many of you know I'm a HUGE proponent of truth in advertising so if I'm going to share my truth in words, I'd better be prepared to share my truth in pictures...but I digress.

Holy Schmoly - it took me over an hour to change the background of this blog to a simple color block with photo.  Over and over I was bombarded with scrolling transparent pictures of the Serengeti, Eiffel Tower, or ducks in flight...Colors were crazed combos of symbols and numbers, fonts were unmodifiable, I could go on and on.  But look at me now!  I kept at it and slowly the picture I wanted to share began to emerge and the image and colors of my world look oh so beautiful. 

I feel rejuvenated - could this be the jump start my blog needed?  Did I mention my blog is popular in Germany?  Oh yeah, I'm international - take that Charlie Sheen.

Monday, March 21, 2011

It's time to whore myself out - I want readers!!

Yes folks, you read that right. Let's see if my crazy antics and ever so entertaining gift of self deprication and gab will help me in any way. I WANT MORE READERS and I'm willing to do just about anything to get them.   Gratuitus links to my blog on my Twitter page...Lady Gaga and CeeLo lip sync videos on YouTube with subliminal messages directing traffic to my blog, smoke writing over the Smithsonian Kite Festival and last but not least...a travelling billboard full of thought provoking, rage inducing stereotypes and mischaracterizations about women and minorities that can be found on my blog!  BRILLIANT, don't you think?

But, all of this will have to wait as I implement "Increase Readership Master Plan"
STEP 1: Invite a guest blogger...Yeah I'm looking at you Meghan Super Awesome Daniels- will you pimp my blog? Come on...pretty please?  I know your committed readers would be willing to follow you to foreign blog territory at least once.  Will you please use your status of "Blogger Prom Queen" to help the "Town Misfit" out (note the Breakfast Club reference there, oh shoot I forgot you're way too young for myarchaic John Hughes references - my bad)?

Meghan, the floor is yours.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

tap tap blow tap tap hack tap tap blow...and repeat

OMG! If I go one more week with this hacking, wheezing, snot and phlegm producing cold I will go mad.  I know I'm not the only one suffering through this but since I'm a whiner when I get sick - I don't care about the rest of you, I JUST WANT TO GET BETTER.

January - body aches
February - head aches
March - body aches, head aches, and a cough that sounds like I'm strangling baby seals

Tap, tap - hack, tap, tap 6 friggin pages tap, hack, hack  monotheism and Islam, tap, tap how the hell do you quote the Bible using APA style?  Toot, toot, what the hell use is blowing my nose if nothing comes out? Tap, tap, grrr this is taking too long I'm just gonna lay down for a couple minutes...

Wait, was I writing something here?

Monday, March 14, 2011

Vacations bring clarity

So my friends, I've enjoyed an amazingly relaxing vacation amidst the chaotic backdrop of three children ages 4, 1, and 9 mos. I didn't think it was possible but between the bottles, naps, diaper explosions and tantrums I re-connected with four of my dearest friends. I've always felt I was a horrible friend, I don't call enough, I don't write enough, I might remember a birthday but can't figure out which one, and boy oh boy do I drop off the face of the earth when I get overwhelmed by my own world.  And these four people still talk to me, still email me, and for some ungodly reason still love and care about me. It's Lenten season and I have pledged to gain more control over my physical self by abstaining from desserts, but I wish I could have a do over, because what I'd really like to do is use these four as an example and pledge to be a better friend to all who have crossed my path, shared a coffee, listened when I've whined, held my hand when I've cried, and forgave me when I'd done nothing worthy of forgiveness. 

Damn I love Denver...